Beast is an empty vessel others fill with their own ideas, creations and aspirations. We're straight talkin', here to help, and think that great resources and quality should be shared, not kept secret.

We will send you a code to get into the studio after you book your rental. We will likely be next door in our office.

Clean up
Include enough time in your rental to strike your set, huff out your gear and clean up any mess you made. We charge $50/hr for cleaning if studio is left a mess.

Window Coverings
We’re planning on putting in a 1 stop silk and a black out curtain on rails to control light. Currently there are no curtains.

Elevator access will be available, but is not currently. Beast is on the second floor.

We currently allow pets! Don’t make us change our minds.

Grip package listed under the studio tab is included with your studio rental. Strobes and modifiers are available additionally.

We have free parking onsite.

Beast is not a sound stage and might be difficult to record sound in.